College Life

As a Christian school, we partner with parents and carers to provide a holistic education based on a Biblical Worldview in which the hearts and minds of young people can grow and pursue their full potential for God. 

Our passion is to see lives transformed by an experience and response to the love of God expressed through His Son, Jesus Christ, and we encourage all to participate in a community of faith.

We believe there are three integral components to schooling, developed under a Christian Worldview:  


  • Spiritual Formation: For every student to pursue a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and develop a Biblical Worldview through which they make sense of the world. 
  • Academic Growth: To deliver at least one year’s growth in learning for every student every school year and encourage students to strive for their personal best.  
  • Character Development: To develop quality lifelong character traits (Galatians 5:22-23)