Teaching From A Christian Worldview

The curriculum at our College includes the content of lessons, how we teach, what we model and how we treat each other. We believe that what we teach should be relevant and authentic, and connect to the everyday while containing eternal truths. We promote to students a Christian Worldview including concepts of social justice and lifelong learning. 

While all subjects in our College are taught from a Biblical perspective, Christian Living specifically focuses on the Word of God itself. Christian Living lessons have the purpose of ensuring that students know what the Bible teaches, why we believe it and how it applies to our everyday life. We make a priority of teaching truths and principles from the Bible in our Chapel Services and Pastoral Care classes. We encourage students to have an open mind, demonstrate critical thinking and develop new ways to understand the world.


Transformation By Design

  • Who are we as God made us?
  • Where are we in place and time, and what is God’s purpose for us?
  • How do we express ourselves to God?
  • How does the world work, and what is our response to it?
  • How should we organise ourselves for the purposes of life?
  • How do we share the planet with others, and how do we care for it?