Pastoral Care

A key value for our College focuses on Relationships. Pastoral Care is focused on building relationships with students and their families. 

In Secondary, it is our intention that Pastoral Care teachers stay with their classes for as long as possible. We believe that the longer that we work with the students in our care, the more likely it is that relationships will develop. Keeping students and Pastoral Care teachers together for several years helps create a healthy relational dynamic. Students in Year 12 work closely with staff mentors who guide them through their final year at school. Pastoral Care teachers are available to help students work through some of the pivotal circumstances of life. Pastoral Care teachers provide a link between the College and the home. They are the first point of contact for parents. 

Pastoral Care is embedded into every Primary classroom with consistent interactions between teachers, students and families. Each primary class has regular devotions and worship sessions along with team building activities. 

In Secondary students meet with their Pastoral Care teacher each day. Activities include regular devotions and team building activities, along with organisational tasks. Ongoing Pastoral Care responsibilities include mentoring students to achieve long and short term goals, supporting social, emotional, character and spiritual growth.