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At Endeavour Christian College we welcome and promote general enquiries from families regarding enrolments throughout the year.  We have exciting visions and plans to continue to expand the College and look forward to your family becoming a part of the Endeavour story.

The Enrolment Process

Face to face!

Anyone is more than welcome to come meet the friendly staff or to view the College and it’s outstanding facilities!  If you would like to book an appointment with Mr Connell, our Principal, or any of the teachers, please use the Contact Us form. Remember to leave a contact number as well.

When we meet…

I’m sure you have important questions you would like to ask regarding your child’s education. That is a good thing!  It shows us that you are interested and committed to your child’s education and future.  So are we!

You will have the opportunity to ask any questions you might have.  We will also go through everything the College has to offer to make sure we are able to meet and even exceed your child’s educational needs in a fun and caring environment.

We believe that every child’s future matters and we will do our best to help make it a good one.

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Documents and Forms

Documents and Forms

Providing an Endeavour values based Christian education opportunity for your
child is a valuable life choice to bless him or her with.  Enabling opportunities
for students to form firm foundations for life is one we are committed to. 

To help make this valuable experience available to those who seek it we
deliberately keep our fees affordable.

ECC Enrolment Application Pack (Day School)

Schedule of Fees 2019

Online Enquiry Form

Please note:  A $50 non-refundable Enrolment Fee applies per student 
with a maximum of $100 per family when enrolling at the same time.

This fee is payable at time of interview and will be credited towards
the first year’s fees. (Applications will not be processed before payment)

Financial hardship fee relief scheme

Limited financial hardship fee relief scheme applications are available.
This is a comprehensive and confidential evaluation process that follows
qualifying guidelines. We work hard to maintain low fees by ensuring
everyone pays their fair share. Applications are reviewed on an annual basis.

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Uniforms and Accessories

Uniforms and Accessories

All College uniforms and accessories can be obtained from the office and must display the School logo, with the exception of shoes, hair ribbons and socks.  Navy turn over socks are required for boys and girls.

If you require more information, please feel free to contact the office.

College Polo Shirts: $25
Shorts:   $20

Middle and Secondary:
College Polo Shirts:  $35
Shorts:  $20

Senior Formal Uniform:
Shirts:  $40
Bottoms:  $30

Hats:   $15
Backpack:   $40
Library Bag:   $10
Jumper:   $40
Socks:   2 Pack – $5   |   3 Pack – $10   |   4 Pack – $15


Uniform Brochure

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Student Handbooks

Student Handbooks

ECC Student Handbook 2019


All Things Through Christ