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White Cockatoo Eatery (Tuckshop)

White Cockatoo Eatery 

We are pleased to say that we have an eatery (Tuckshop) for students to order food each Wednesday.

Orders can be placed from 8:15 till 9:30am on Wednesdays at Room B3, 2nd floor above the Library.
Please note: EFTPos and cash at Reception.  Cash only at Eatery.

Please keep in mind that lunch is prepared in the morning and will be ready by 2nd lunch only.  Please ensure your child(ren) brings something for morning tea.



Lasagne  $5.00

Beef pie with tomato sauce  $ 4.00

Side salad (G.F.)  $ 1.00

Sausage sizzle (G.F.) with white or (G.F.) bread  $ 2.50

Icy fruit stick – 99% fruit juice (G.F.)  $ 1.00

Blueberry slice  $ 2.00

Gluten Free (G.F)



Compass Newsletters


Compass Newsletter available to all Parents and Carers via email or the Endeavour App (Apple and Android)

P&F Committee






The P & F committee meet each Monday evening at 5pm on the first Monday of each month.

The aim of the P & F is to:

– Support Endeavour Christian College
– Regularly pray for the College and encourage others to pray
– Give advice
– Offer practical assistance to the College
– Connect the College with other partners who can assist the mission to grow

P & F Chair: Mr Justin Coventry 0429 695 126


Endeavour is passionate about helping Students to be outward looking and others orientated because we believe the lord blesses those who give.

As part of our Christian ethos we dedicate part of each Term to supporting our four mission groups through fundraising.  our fundraising events very throughout the year.  Some include: Movie Nights, Crazy Hair days, Mother’s and Father’s Day to name a few.

The Mission groups and partnerships we have are with:

All Things Through Christ